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SlashPixels, a Google for Designers

Published August 25, 2016

SlashPixels works in the opposite way to traditional image search on popular design sources (based on image description and tags), instead using Deep Learning and Machine Learning algorythms to understand over 10 million design images directly on sources like Dribbble, Behance, Pinterest, Cargo, Awwwards, Pttrns and many more.

SlashPixels is similar to Google image search, but works much better for various type of designs because the focus is on design only and therefore understands more than Google – the fonts used for artworks, grids, icons, composition, objects on the image, and many more. SlashPixels understands any design-related search requests like “rounded illustration with mountain” and can find all the desired images on many design sources.

Great app and very useful for inspiration and finding resources: slashpixels.com