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This Week’s Dribbble Show Stoppers

Published August 26, 2016

We enjoy browsing all of your fantastic work, and have picked out some of the best of the best we have seen this week on Dribbble. Enjoy!



This is one of 3 Tower images we love by Particle. They are very beautiful, with great use of colours and shading – we want these building in real life!

Transport icons 3


We love minimalism – and these Transport Icons by Jonatan Castro are certainly a hit from us! It’s about time a Segway was noticed as a valuable mode of transport.

Octopus Socktopus


Octopus Socktopus by Sean Fournier, need we say more? Well, we will anyway… What a charming octopus.

Smart About Sharks


We are obsessed with Owen Davey’s illustration for the book “Smart About Sharks”. There is nothing to not love about this – a stunning under the sea cover.



We think the style of this Libra Poster by desigNeat is great. The weight of lines and use of space is genius. They are currently creating a whole bunch of these in a zodiac mini poster series.



Salah Elimam’s Hospital drawing is a work of art that hasn’t gone unnoticed by us. From the subtle clouds to the reflections in the windows, this is definitely worth a mention this week.

Chichi Chicks Series #1


This is one of a series of illustrations by Jay Colle of baby chicks wearing fancy hats for no reason whatsoever. He calls them the Chichi Chicks. Fantastic.