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Slicy, take your PSDs to the chopping block

Published August 26, 2016

Slicy is a handy little program developed by Macrabbit that allows the user to slice up and independently export elements from within a PSD mockup.

Slicy works by taking the user’s imported PSD and extracts all elements it finds within user-specified layer groups inside the PSD. The user can then easily export directly from Slicy via drag and drop means, eliminating the lengthy and horrible process of slicing and setting export settings for each individual element in Photoshop itself.

Users can also define settings for the export process – such as the desired file format, bounding box and scaling by adding shapes to a group and renaming said layer group with a specific file extension – or tag within Photoshop.

Want to cut your workflow down to size? Check out Slicy at: macrabbit.com/slicy/