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Svgsus – Organise, clean and transform your SVGs

Published August 31, 2016

Svgsus is the perfect tool to organise, clean and transform svgs into code. It’s really powerful when both designing and developing. Designing gets easier because it helps you organise, find and use icons in your preferred design tool. Coding gets easier because it transforms svgs into code. Currently supporting Swift, Pug (jade) and Android vector format.

Import your own icon sets by dragging folders into svgsus. Collaborate with your team by using synced folders (ex Dropbox / Google Drive) with svgsus.

Great When Designing

With Svgsus you find the icons you’re looking for. Search and drag or paste the icons to whatever software you prefer.


Powerful When Developing

Svgsus cleans the svg and writes the code for you. Drag, paste or import an entire set for a rapid workflow.


Get it now: svgs.us