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This Week’s Dribbble Show Stoppers #2

Published September 2, 2016

We enjoy browsing all of your fantastic work, and have picked out some of the best of the best we have seen this week on Dribbble. Enjoy!

Parisian Hotel


This Parisian Hotel by Guillaume Kurkdjian bounces to life bit by bit, showing off its amazing detail. We especially love watching the plants come to life and how the top windows finally fold out. A fantastic animation.

Snow Capped House


Snow Capped House by Musadiq Maqbool is one of those images where you feel like you are actually there. Just the right amount of detail has been added to this – with the light around the street lamp and the shading within the windows – a great take on Winter House by Nutsa Avaliani.

Grow in Peace


This design for a t-shirt patch by MALDO certainly caught our eye this week – what beautiful art. We would definitely wear this on a t-shirt and we love what it represents. The rosy pink background colour works incredibly well, also.

Avocado Angel


If the Avocado Angel by Ben Dexter was real, it would be in a perfectly ripe one, we are sure. This cute little guy is something we can’t wait to see made into a GIF! Fabulous.

The Beach


Let’s go to The Beach, each, let’s go get a wave. Anna Rowe has done an excellent job at making us want to go the beach. Even the shells alone in this picture are gorgeous, it is clear some hard work went into this piece. The sea looks incredibly inviting, and we appreciate the dampened sand effect.



Tyler Penner’s uses simple shading on his Lighthouse, as well as a gradient effect on the sky and the sea (that we love!). The choice of colour has to be our favourite element, giving us a calming night time viewing of such a classic looking lighthouse.